Table 2

Timing chart table
Phase Action Duration (min.)
Introduction Students arrive at the training room and sit down 5
Educational supervisor greets students and gives an overview of the agenda 3
Students fill in the first evaluation sheet self-report (pre) 3
Educational supervisor collects first evaluation sheets 2
Execution Educational supervisor gives brief instructions on how to start eMedOffice 3
Students start web browser, navigate to the correct web address, register and log into eMedOffice 3
Students read the introduction 5-10
Students play eMedOffice 45
Educational supervisor tells students to stop game play 1
Debriefing Students stop playing and discuss eMedOffice results 5-10
Evaluation Students fill in second evaluation sheet: self-report (retro and post) 3
Students fill in usability questionnaire 5
Educational supervisor collects second evaluation sheet as well as usability questionnaire and says goodbye to students 2
Students leave the training room 1

The first column phase shows the phase of eMedOffice in which the action takes place. The column action details the planned action. The last column duration presents the estimated time in minutes for performing the planned action.

Hannig et al.

Hannig et al. BMC Medical Education 2012 12:104   doi:10.1186/1472-6920-12-104

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