Figure 1.

Real-time PCR analysis identified coexisting KRAS mutations in three cases. Case 1) colon cancer with the Gly12Asp and Gly13Asp mutations, Case 2) colon cancer with coexisting Gly12Cys and Gly13Asp mutations, and Case 3) a rectal tumor that revealed Gly12Asp and Gly12Cys in adenomatous components and an additional Gly12Val mutation in the invasive tumor component. All mutations were verified using pyrosequencing. Case 1 contained 12% Gly12Asp and 24% Gly13Asp, and case 2 4% Gly12Cys and 34% Gly13Asp. Case 3 harboured 17% Gly12Asp and 22% Gly12Cys in the adenomatous component, and 10% Gly12Asp, 7% Gly12Cys, and 12% Gly12Val in the invasive component (data not shown).

J├Ânsson et al. BMC Clinical Pathology 2009 9:8   doi:10.1186/1472-6890-9-8
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