Figure 4.

Relationship between FMR1 mRNA degradation, rRNA integrity and biological relevance of expression data in RNA samples from patient whole blood (n = 30) with CGG expansion between 20 and 55 CGG repeats. (A) Relationship between qPCR results for FMR1ex3.4 (x axis) and FMR1ex13.14 assays (y axis) standardized to GUS. (B) Relationship between CGG expansions (x axis) and qPCR results standardized to GUS (y axis) for FMR1ex3.4 and FMR1ex13.14 assays separately and combined. (C) Representation of proposed locations for mRNA breaks and loss of molecules for qPCR (\\) within product sequences of both assays for color coded representative samples (350 and 351) and outliers (339, 360, 354 and 358). (D) Chromatographs, 28S:18S and RQI values for color coded samples (each dot of the same color represents the same sample).

Godler et al. BMC Clinical Pathology 2009 9:5   doi:10.1186/1472-6890-9-5
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