Figure 2.

Patterns of staining of Kidney Biopsy specimens stained with CD 10 antibody. 3. Well defined, intensely stained brush border with mild or no cytoplasmic staining (immunostaining score = 3). 2. Brush border relatively well-defined, but some loss into the lumen and more cytoplasmic staining than 1. (immunostaining score = 2). 1. Loss of distinct brush border staining, staining of luminal contents and heavy cytoplasmic staining. (immunostaining score = 1). 0. Disrupted cells with diffuse staining and no definite cytoplasmic border. (immunostaining score = 0)

Tagboto and Griffiths BMC Clinical Pathology 2007 7:5   doi:10.1186/1472-6890-7-5
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