Figure 1.

Punctate Signals. A. CaSki cells tissue section (6μm) demonstrating HPV-16 DNA integration at multiple sites. B. HeLa cells tissue section (6μm) demonstrating HPV-18 DNA integration at multiple sites. C. SiHa cell section (supplied by DAKO) demonstrating HPV-16 DNA integration at a single site. D. Section (6μm) of an HPV-16 positive FFPE cervical squamous cell carcinoma demonstrating punctate signals (arrows) indicative of integrated DNA. E. & F. Metaphase spreads prepared from SiHa cells demonstrating hybridization signal consistent with integration of HPV 16 at chromosome 13q21-31. Scale Bar: 10μm Note: Images were digitally captured using an Olympus BX50 research microscope fitted with an Optronics digital color camera interfaced to a PC and operated using Universal Imaging MetaMorph software. Using the 'Exposure', 'White Balance' and 'Red Green Blue Snap' default settings, the brick-red color of the AEC stain tended to be represented with a browner color. In addition there has been some loss of detail in the conversion of Figures (up to 35 megabytes in size) to pdf files ~250 kilobytes in size.

Evans et al. BMC Clinical Pathology 2003 3:2   doi:10.1186/1472-6890-3-2
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