Figure 2.

Inhibitory effect of M. grandiflora L. flower extract on mushroom tyrosinase activity, B16F10 melanin content and intracellular tyrosinase actvity. (A) Different concentrations of the flower extract (10, 15, 20%; v/v) or kojic acid (200 μM) was incubated with the same units of mushroom tyrosinase. Following incubation, the amount of dopachrome produced was determined at 490 nm spectrophotometrically. (B) & (C) B16F10 melanoma cells were stimulated with α-MSH (100 nM) for 24 h, and then the melanin content or intracellular tyrosinase activity were measured after treatment with various concentrations of the flower extract (final concentration 10, 15, 20%; v/v) or arbutin (2.0 mM) for another 24 h. Results are represented as percentages of control, and data are presented as mean ± S.D. for three separate experiments. Values are significantly different by comparison with control. *** p < 0.001.

Huang et al. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2012 12:72   doi:10.1186/1472-6882-12-72
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