Figure 2.

ARE inhibited upregulation of VCAM-1 and ICAM-1 expression induced by TNF-α (ELISA and western blot). Confluent SVEC cells were incubated with medium or 10 ng/ml TNF-α alone, or with 10 ng/ml TNF-α together with 30, 60 or 120 μg/ml ARE for 4 h. Confluent SVEC cells were preincubated with 120 μg/ml ARE for 2, 4, 6, or 8 h, and thereafter washed and incubated for 4 h with 10 ng/ml TNF-α. Culture medium and proteins were collected and analyzed for VCAM-1 and ICAM-1 expression by ELISA and western blot at the time points indicated. A. ELISA analyses of VCAM-1 and ICAM-1 expression levels in SVEC cells. B. Western blot analyses of VCAM-1and ICAM-1 expression levels in SVEC cells. VCAM-1 and ICAM-1 levels were normalized to the levels of β-actin.

You et al. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2012 12:54   doi:10.1186/1472-6882-12-54
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