Table 1

Questionnaire items
Page Items (incl. explanation given in questionnaire)
1. Visiting health care providers Homeopath (physicians who predominantly treat using homeopathy)
Acupuncturist (physicians who provide acupuncture)
Medical CAM specialist (physicians that provide a range of different CAM-therapies)
Non-medical CAM specialist (Non-physicians that provide a range of different CAM-therapies)
Osteopath (Physicians and non-physicians that provide osteopathy)
Chirotherapist (Physicians and non-physicians that provide chirotherapy)
Other Physicians and providers who treated you using CAM (please specify which treatment/therapy you received):
2. Complementary therapies received from physicians (MDs) Homeopathy
Herbal Medicine (tablets, pills, drops, ointments, teas, etc.)
Manual Therapy
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Other CAM-therapies received from physicians (please specify the treatment/therapy)
3. Use of herbal medicines and dietary supplements Homeopathic remedies (please specify the product)
Herbs/Herbal remedies (please specify the product)
Vitamins/Minerals (please specify the product)
Other CAM products (please specify the product)
4. Self-help practices Meditation
Tai Chi
Relaxation techniques
Praying for own health
Arts therapy
Others (please specify the technique)

Re et al.

Re et al. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2012 12:259   doi:10.1186/1472-6882-12-259

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