Figure 3.

The antiangiogenic effects of EEGS in vivo. Angioreactors filled with BME premixed with combination of VEGF/FGF2 angiogenic factors and increasing concentrations of EEGS (0–200 μg/mL) were implanted into the dorsal flank of nude mice. After 12 days, the implanted cylinders were harvested (upper), and vascular endothelial cells migrated into the BME gels of bioreactors were quantified by FITC-lectin detection (lower). Negative control represents the bioreactors without VEGF/FGF2 angiogenic factors. The relative angiogenesis (%) were normalized to the mean of the VEGF/FGF2-treated positive control. Data are presented as the mean±S.D. of four cylinders per group. **p<0.01 compared with positive control.

Yi et al. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2012 12:243   doi:10.1186/1472-6882-12-243
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