Figure 3.

KT-NB inhibits cell migration in a wound healing assay. A-549 cells were seeded in six-well plates and allowed to adhere for 24 h. Cells were treated with 3 μg/ml, 12.5 μg/ml, 50 μg/ml of KT-NB. Migration of cells into the wound was observed at 24, 48, 72 h after monolayer cells were scratched by a 200 μl pipette tip. Results are based on three independent experiments. Lines indicated the border of the wounds. Imagines were processed using Photoshop software. The contrast of the images was adjusted to that the border could be identified without ambiguity. The border lines were determined by eyes.

Hsieh et al. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2012 12:149   doi:10.1186/1472-6882-12-149
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