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Open Access Case report

Acute vulvar pain in a lady with post circumcision inclusion cyst of the vulva containing stones: a case report

Wondimu Gudu

Author Affiliations

Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Karamara Regional Referral Hospital, Jijiga, Ethiopia

BMC Women's Health 2014, 14:2  doi:10.1186/1472-6874-14-2

Published: 6 January 2014



Despite global eradication efforts, female genital cutting is still deep routed practice in some parts of Asia and East Africa. The crude and unscientific natures of the practice lead to many complications. Epidermoid inclusion cysts of the vulva are one of the late complications of female genital cutting and typically present as painless cystic swellings. But clinical presentation as ‘stone’ containing, hard vulvar mass is reported only once in the literature and presentation with acute vulvar pain has never been documented.

Case presentation

A 21 yrs old, Ethiopian, unmarried, lady presented with sever acute vulvar pain, discharge, and a stony hard vulvar swelling 13 years after type-III female genital cutting (infibulation). Surgical excision of the cyst, which contained two ‘stones’ inside it, and defibulation were done. Histopathology confirmed calcified, keratinizing epidermoid inclusion cyst of the vulva.


Clinicians, in areas where female genital cutting is prevalent, should be aware of such unusual late vulvar complication of the practice which might be misdiagnosed for other solid vulvar swellings and be familiar with the appropriate management.

Vulva stone; Epidermoid inclusion cyst; Female genital cutting