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The inSIGHT study: costs and effects of routine hysteroscopy prior to a first IVF treatment cycle. A randomised controlled trial

Janine G Smit*, Jenneke C Kasius, Marinus JC Eijkemans, Carolien AM Koks, Ron Van Golde, Jurjen GE Oosterhuis, Annemiek W Nap, Gabrielle J Scheffer, Petra AP Manger, Annemiek Hoek, Mesrure Kaplan, Dick BC Schoot, Arne M van Heusden, Walter KH Kuchenbecker, Denise AM Perquin, Kathrin Fleischer, Eugenie M Kaaijk, Alexander Sluijmer, Jaap Friederich, Joop SE Laven, Marcel van Hooff, Leonie A Louwe, Janet Kwee, Jantien J Boomgaard, Corry H de Koning, Ineke CAH Janssen, Femke Mol, Ben WJ Mol, Helen L Torrance and Frank JM Broekmans

BMC Women's Health 2012, 12:22  doi:10.1186/1472-6874-12-22

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