Table 1

The ACA checklist (
urrent issues-
nticipating), factors derived from our recent systematic review[6]and/or qualitative study[7]
ACA checklist From review [source] From qualitative study[7]
vailability(of the GP for the patient):
1. taking time X [10-16] X
2. allowing any subject to be discussed X [2,14,15,17,18] X
3. active listening X [14-17,19-21] X
4. facilitating behaviour (e.g. empathic, respectful, attentive, occasionally also phoning or visiting the patient spontaneously) X [2,10-17,19-23] X
5. shared decision-making with regard to diagnosis and treatment plan X [13,17,20,24,25] X
6. accessibility (e.g. phone numbers) X [11,13,14,23] X
urrent issues(that should be raised by the GP):
7. diagnosis X [10,13,15,17,20,24-28] X
8. prognosis X [10,13,15-17,20,24-28] X
9. patient’s complaints and worries:- physical - X
10. - psychosocial X [13,18,25,28] X
11. - spiritual X [22,28,29] X
12. wishes for the present and the coming days - X
13. unfinished business, bringing life to a close - X
14. discussing treatment and care options (concerning 7–13) X [13,17,19,24,25,28] X
nticipating(various scenarios):
15. offering follow-up appointments - X
16. possible complications X [28] -
17. wishes for the coming weeks/months (personal wishes as well as preferences with regard to medical decisions) X [17,19,21,28] X
18. the actual process of dying (final hours/days) X [11,14,18,21,22,25] -
19. end-of-life decisions X [14,19,21,28] X

Slort et al.

Slort et al. BMC Palliative Care 2012 11:9   doi:10.1186/1472-684X-11-9

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