Table 3

Health care professional recruitment
Site First group interview – numbers and composition Follow up interview with patient nominated health care professional
1 4 2 (joint interview)
GP, District Nurse (2) Practice Manager District Nurse (2)
2 2 2 (joint interview)
Community Matron (2) Community Matron (2)
3 3 2 (separate interviews)
Macmillan nurse (2), Manager Macmillan nurse (2)
4 4 1
Manager, care co-ordinator, registered nurse (2) Manager
5 2 1
Heart failure nurse, Community Nurse Specialist Community Nurse Specialist
Total 15 8

In total we recruited 15 staff to the initial group interviews.

Towards the end of the study we carried out interviews with 8 HCPs across the five sites. These HCPs were nominated by patients and all had also taken part in the group interviews.

These follow up interviews focused on exploring their views regarding the specific patient/family cases that we interviewed (with patients’ permission) and their experiences of the research process.

Almack et al.

Almack et al. BMC Palliative Care 2012 11:15   doi:10.1186/1472-684X-11-15

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