Table 5

Comparison of some staining principles in regard to their suitability for biofilm research
Staining principle Stain(s) (combinations) Comparison with microbiological data (PE) Concentration independency Suitability for biofilm research Potentially mutagenic
Single species in vitro Biofilm ex vivo or in situ
Vital fluorescence (FDA/EB) cf. [8,110,112] Fluorescein diacetate, Ethidium bromide + ++ Proven [8,110,112-115] Proven (cf. Table 4) +1
BacLight® (cf. Table 3) Syto 9, Propidium iodide - - Questionable (cf. Table 3) Questionable (cf. Table 3) +2
Staining according to [10,102] Diverse substances ? ? Non-existing or questionable Non-existing or questionable ?


2Generally to assume, partly proven.

?Partly known or not known or not available from the diverse substances.

Netuschil et al.

Netuschil et al. BMC Oral Health 2014 14:2   doi:10.1186/1472-6831-14-2

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