Figure 7.

Images of subjects with confounding factors for QLF. a. clinical photograph subject 837 presenting with non-fluorotic hypomineralization and enamel loss on maxillary right central incisor. b. QLF image of subject 837. Note the pattern of fluorescence loss on the maxillary right central incisor typical of enamel loss with possible caries. The areas in red indicate presence of plaque stagnation. c. Clinical photograph of subject 230 presenting with confluent areas of fluorosis with pitting and staining. d. QLF image of subject 230. Areas of fluorosis with stain exhibit greater fluorescence loss. e. Clinical photograph subject 545 presenting with confluent fluorosis and enamel loss and possible caries. f. QLF image of subject 545. Note the loss of fluorescence in the areas of enamel loss.

McGrady et al. BMC Oral Health 2012 12:33   doi:10.1186/1472-6831-12-33
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