Table 2

Definition of diabetic patients with declining renal function
Diabetic patients 25,458
2 Measurements of creatinine clearance and 2 Measurements of urinary protein within a one-year time frame 2,109 8,3%
OR At least one record associated with a long term condition “chronic nephropathy and primitive nephrotic syndrom” and at least one ICD 10 code related to chronic kidney failure 127 0,5%
OR At least one prescription dispensing of treatment from the following list associated to a nephrologist visit: ACE-I (Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors) and A2RA (Angiotensin II receptor antagonists) in association, phosphorus chelators (*), polystyrene sulfonate (**), Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, 496 1,9%
OR At least two dispensings with an interval from 30 to 365 days of a conbination of following treatment: ACE-I, A2RA, phosphorus chelators (*), polystyrene sulfonate (**) 170 0,7%
Total number of patients with a chronic kidney failure (CKF) (Declining Renal Function) 2,535 10,0%
Patients with terminal CKF: patients with a CKF and…:
At least 2 records associated with a CCAM code related to dialyse within a One-week time period 67 0,3%
OR At least 2 prescription dispensings of erythropoietin AND 2 prescriptions dispensing of phosphorus chelators within a 45 days-time period 22 0,1%
Total number of patients with a terminal CKF 80 0,3%
Patients with severe CKF: patients with a CKF… 585 2,3%
At least 2 prescription dispensings of erythropoietin 470 1,8%
OR At least 2 prescription dispensings of phosphorus chelators 140 0,5%
OR At least 4 nephrologist visits within 12-months time frame 58 0,2%
Total number of patients with a severe CKF 585 2,3%
Patients with moderate CKF: Patients with a CKF not defined as severe or terminal
Total number of patients with moderate CKF 1,870 7,3%

Guelfucci et al.

Guelfucci et al. BMC Endocrine Disorders 2013 13:15   doi:10.1186/1472-6823-13-15

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