Table 2

Validated and novel patient reported outcome measures assessed during the Hypo COMPaSS trial
Validated PRO measures Novel PRO measures undergoing validation
• The Gold Score [44] • The Hypoglycaemia Awareness Questionnaire (HypoA-Q)*
• The Edinburgh Hypoglycaemia Survey [54] • The Hypoglycaemia Burden Questionnaire (HypoB-Q)* – part A only
• Clarke Hypoglycaemia Awareness Questionnaire (minimally modified version)
• The Hypoglycaemia Fear Survey II (HFS II) [55] • The Hypoglycaemia Cues Questionnaires (HypoC-Q)*
• The Hyperglycaemia Avoidance Scale [56] • The Blood Glucose Monitoring Questionnaire (BGM-Q)*
• The Diabetes Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire – status version (DTSQ(s)) [57] • The Quality of Life Questionnaire Diabetes (QoL-Q Diabetes)^
• Insulin Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire [58] – abridged version including two subscales only • The Attitudes to Awareness of Hypos Questionnaire#
• EuroQoL EQ-5D [59]
• Perceived Control of Diabetes scales (type 1) [60]

* designed by Prof Jane Speight and Dr Shalleen Barendse (© AHP Research, 2010).

^ designed by Prof Jane Speight, Dr Alison Woodcock and Matthew Reaney (© AHP Research, 2007).

# designed by Dr Nicole DeSoyza, Helen Rogers and Prof Stephanie Amiel (King’s College London).

Little et al.

Little et al. BMC Endocrine Disorders 2012 12:33   doi:10.1186/1472-6823-12-33

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