Figure 6.

Common structural features of Asp-box β-propellers and overlay of the β-propeller blades. A. The Asp-box β-propeller of sortilin is shown in grey cartoon with a semi-transparent surface. The spheres represent the Asp-boxes, which are colored alternately blue (uneven blades) and cyan (even blades). B. Same as in (A) except that the spheres shown here represent the conserved hydrophobic positions instead of the Asp-boxes. Residues in these positions that are indeed hydrophobic in human sortilin are colored pink and polar/charged residues are colored yellow. C. Multicolored ribbon overlay resulting from the multiple structural alignment shown in Figure 5.

Quistgaard and Thirup BMC Structural Biology 2009 9:46   doi:10.1186/1472-6807-9-46
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