Figure 2.

Representative Asp-box proteins. A. The dimer of the sulfite oxidase (1sox) dimerization domain shown in cartoon representation with the individual monomers colored grey and blue respectively and with the Asp-boxes colored orange. The conserved aromatic residues in the 10th position of the Asp-boxes are shown in sticks. B. Two consecutive reelin repeats (2e26). The first repeat is colored grey, and the second is colored by sub-domain composition; subrepeat A is blue, the EGF subdomain is green and subrepeat B is magenta. The Asp-boxes are depicted as in (A). C. RNase Sa in complex with GMP (1gmp). The protein is grey, GMP is in blue sticks and the Asp-box is depicted as in (A) except that the side chains of H85-Y86 are shown in green sticks. D. The Asp-box β-propeller domain of sortilin (3f6k). The blades are numbered, uneven blades as well as the loops between blades are colored grey and even numbered blades are blue. The Asp-boxes are depicted as in (A).

Quistgaard and Thirup BMC Structural Biology 2009 9:46   doi:10.1186/1472-6807-9-46
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