Figure 3.

Two orthogonal views of a representative structure, influenza A virus hemagglutinin HA1 chain [PDB:1EO8]. Chain A is shown in light gray upon which are mapped epitope residues inferred from six protein structures in complexes with antibody fragments: HC45 Fab [PDB:1QFU] (blue), BH151 Fab [PDB:1EO8] (magenta), HC63 Fab [PDB:1KEN] (green), HC19 Fab [PDB:2VIR, 2VIS, 2VIT] (red). The hemagglutinin HA2 chain is shown in cyan. Residues common to HC45 and BH151 epitopes are shown in orange; residues common to HC63 and HC19 epitopes are shown in yellow; residue Tyr98 which is a part of HC19 epitope inferred from structure 2VIR but not from 2VIS and 2VIT structures is shown in black; The HC19 epitope residue Thr131 which is mutated to Ile in the 2VIS structure is shown in dark red. The HC19 epitope residue Thr155 which is mutated to Ile in 2VIT structure is shown in violet.

Ponomarenko and Bourne BMC Structural Biology 2007 7:64   doi:10.1186/1472-6807-7-64
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