Figure 6.

Multiple sequence alignment of SAM synthetases. Essential amino acids for the first (*) and the second substrate binding subunit are numbered as in gi:46015497 (PDB structure 1P7L and 1RG9). Aligned sequences represent protein from Archaea (gi:3334428 – M. jannaschii), Eukaryota (gi:400245 – H. sapiens, gi:6016553 – C. elegans), and Bacteria (gi:46015497 – E. coli, gi:15836994 – X. fastidiosa, gi:22095828 – F. nucleatum, gi:13357974 – U. parvum, gi:2500686 – M. pneumoniae, gi:21646472 – C. tepidum). Residues are highlighted according to the amino acid properties with designations as in Figure 2. Substrate binding is annotated below the alignment as follows: small letters – water mediated interactions; inverted colors – interactions with ligand from the second subunit of the homodimeric protein ; A/a – adenosyl moiety; R – ribosyl moiety, M/m – methionine moiety; (+) – Mg2+; K – K+; P – PPNP/Phosphate moiety. Consensus positions of the secondary structure elements are shown above the alignment. Numbers in parentheses indicate number of residues omitted for clarity.

Kozbial and Mushegian BMC Structural Biology 2005 5:19   doi:10.1186/1472-6807-5-19
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