Figure 4.

Comparison between active sites in caspase-1 and 3-phospho-glyceraldehyde dehydrogenase. Structures of active sites in (A) caspase-1 (PDB code 1bmq) and (B) 3-phospho-glyceraldehyde dehydrogenase (PDB code 1dc6) are drawn in stick representation. Comparison of the RDFs of the total charge for (C) 1bmq and (D) 1dc6, where the line indicates the distances contributing to each peak of the Cys-His catalytic diad and the RDFs for the C27 atom of MNO in 1bmq and the C4N atom of NAD in 1dc6.

Ueno et al. BMC Structural Biology 2012 12:5   doi:10.1186/1472-6807-12-5
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