Table 2

List of dimer interface residues in PKR and the nature of interactions between them
PKR (B chain) PKR (C chain) Nature of interaction
R262 D266 Ionic interaction
D266 R262 Ionic interaction
H286 C326 Hydrogen bond : NE2 of His with O of Cys
I288 Y300, V309 Hydrophobic interaction
D289 Y323 Hydrogen bond: OD2 of asp with OH of Tyr
Y293 Y323 Hydrophobic interaction
D316 H322 Ionic interaction,
V318 V318 Hydrophobic interaction
H322 D316,Y323 Hydrogen bond: ND1 of his with OD1 of Asp
NE2 of his with OD1 of Asp
NE2 of his with O of Tyr
Ionic interaction
Y323 Y293, H322,D289 Hydrophobic interaction
Hydrogen bond : O of Tyr with NE2 of His
OH of Tyr with OD2 of Asp
N324 Y323,N324 Hydrogen bond: ND2 of Asn with O of Tyr
ND2 of Asn with O of Asn
C326 H286 Hydrogen bond: SG of Cys with NE2 of His

The list of non-covalent interactions at the dimeric interface of PKR [22] has been obtained by using PIC (protein interaction calculator) server [38].

Sudha et al.

Sudha et al. BMC Structural Biology 2012 12:28   doi:10.1186/1472-6807-12-28

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