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Multiple sequence alignment of members among casein kinase 1 family. The additional file provides multiple sequence alignment and the details of substrate interacting residues in human ck1α conserved within casein kinase 1 family. Arginine 214, lysine 260 is absolutely conserved and conservatively substituted respectively. Glycine 251 is not conserved because the main chain nitrogen is involved in its interaction with the substrate constraint residue – phosphoserine 229. These substrate interacting residues are highlighted in blue. The aspartic acid 140 of human ck1α probably avoids the proximity of substrate constraint acidic residue phosphoserine 229 of NS5A. Aspartic acid is conservatively substituted among the ck1 family and is highlighted in yellow.

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Sudha et al. BMC Structural Biology 2012 12:28   doi:10.1186/1472-6807-12-28