Figure 1.

Stimulation of equivalent short circuit current (Isc) by the adenylyl cyclase activator forskolin. (A) Representative recording of VT from primary cultures of SCCD epithelium with the effect of forskolin (0.01 to 10 μM) added cumulatively on both sides at arrows. Downward deflections result from transepithelial current pulses and are proportional to transepithelial resistance. B) Summary of concentration-response of Isc to forskolin (FSK) stimulation (n = 3–5), EC50 = 0.8 μM and Hill coefficient 0.9. Summary data are mean ± SEM; error bars are smaller than symbols.

Pondugula et al. BMC Physiology 2013 13:6   doi:10.1186/1472-6793-13-6
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