Figure 5.

Expression of pvit-2:gfp transcriptional reporters in daf-2(e1370) hermaphrodites in the presence or absence of daf-16 activity. Left, schematic illustration of vit-2 promoter fragments used to express gfp. As a control, GFP expression was examined from the pgly-19:gfp transcriptional reporter, containing the 1910 bp gly-19 promoter [27]. Right, representative images of GFP fluorescence in daf-2(e1370) day 1 adult hermaphrodites maintained on control bacteria (L4440) or daf-16 dsRNA-expressing bacteria to induce daf-16 RNAi. In all experiments, animals were raised at 15°C to the L4-adult molt and then transferred to 25°C, the nonpermissive condition for certain daf-2(e1370) phenotypes. GFP expression from all vit-2 promoters was increased under daf-16 RNAi conditions, indicating that daf-16 activity suppressed expression from each vit-2 promoter fragment. GFP expression from the gly-19 promoter was unaffected by daf-16 RNAi. Bars, 100 microns. Images were collected with identical acquisition settings. Statistical summary presented in Table 3.

DePina et al. BMC Physiology 2011 11:11   doi:10.1186/1472-6793-11-11
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