Figure 3.

Graphical summary of the nested haplotype structure and NCA. Individual haplotypes are listed across the top, with increasingly more inclusive nested groups extending to the bottom. Interior haplotypes/nested groups are depicted in bold italics. Significant DC, DN, and I-T values are reported. Distances that are significantly small or large are indicated with S or L, respectively. The path taken through the most recent version of the inference key is shown; RGF, restricted gene flow; PF, past fragmentation; LDC, long-distance colonization; RE w/PF, range expansion coupled with past fragmentation. NCA results directly relevant to the diagnosis of the Ozark population (haplotype F) are highlighted in blue.

Bonett et al. BMC Ecology 2007 7:7   doi:10.1186/1472-6785-7-7
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