Figure 5.

Maximum projection images of a biofilm grown on glass slides after incubation in natural seawater (Oosterschelde, the Netherlands). Visualization of bacteria, EPS and chlorophyll a (A) and reflection image (B) of a 31 day old biofilm. The red channel represents bacteria stained with syto64, the green channel represents EPS labeled with ConA and the blue channel shows chlorophyll a autofluorescence. In addition, the depth profiles of biofilm coverage for ConA (filled squares), syto64 (open circles) and chlorophyll a (crosses) are given (C) as well as the depth profile for the reflection signal (D). The CLSM images represent areas of 250·m × 250·m. White arrows indicate the different reflective structures containing bare glass substratum (I), silica frustules of diatoms (II) and amorphous material (III).

Mueller et al. BMC Ecology 2006 6:1   doi:10.1186/1472-6785-6-1
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