Table 1

Studies included in the meta-analysis of Ae. aegypti development
Temp Temp gradient Density Density gradient Diet (amt) Diet gradient Diet (type) Photo-period Latitude Author & Year Journal
Est. Bargielowski et al. 2011 [58] PLoS ONE
Farjana et al. 2012 [34] Med. Vet. Entomol.
Mohammed and Chadee 2011 [59] Acta Trop.
Padmanabha et al. 2011 [60] Med. Vet. Entomol.
Est. Maciá 2009 [61] Rev. Soc. Entomol. Argent.
Est. Reiskind and Lounibus 2009 [62] Med. Vet. Entomol.
Tejerina et al. 2009 [63] Acta Trop.
Beserra and Castro 2008 [64] Neotrop. Entomol.
Chang et al. 2007 [65] J. Med. Entomol.
Beserra et al. 2006 [66] Neotrop. Entomol.
Arrivillaga and Barrera 2004 [67] J. Vector. Ecol.
Est. Bedhomme et al. 2004 [68] Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B.
Est. Irvin et al. 2004 [69] PNAS
Est. Agnew et al. 2002 [43] Ecol. Entomol.
Kamimura et al. 2002 [70] Med. Entomol. Zool.
Est. Lounibus et al. 2002 [71] J. Vector. Ecol.
Est. Tsuda and Takagi 2001 [72] Environ. Entomol.
Tun-Lin et al. 2000 [73] Med. Vet. Entomol.
Est. Costero et al. 1999 [74] J. Med. Entomol.
Est. Silva and Silva 1999 [75] Rev. Soc. Bras. Med. Trop.
Est. Thu et al. 1998 [76] SE Asian Trop. Med.
Est. Becnel and Undeen 1992 [77] J. Invertebr. Pathol.
Est. Rueda et al. 1990 [78] J. Med. Entomol.
Est. Ho et al. 1989 [79] J. Med. Entomol.
Est. Russell 1986 [80] Aust. J. Zool.
Est. Soekiman et al. 1984 [81] ICMR Ann.
Dye 1982 [82] Ecol. Entomol.
Est. Saul et al. 1980 [83] Am. Midl. Nat.
Est. Gilpin and McClelland 1979 [84] Fortschr. Zool.
Est. Dadd et al. 1977 [85] Mosq. News
Est. Lachmajer and Hien 1975 [86] Inst.t Med. Morskiej I Trop.
Est. Ameen and Moizuddin 1973 [87] Dacca Univ. Stud.
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Est. Moore and Fisher 1969 [94] Ann. Entomol. Soc. Am.
Est. Peters et al. 1969 [95] Mosq. News
Est. Brust 1968 [96] J. Econ. Entomol.
Est. Keirans and Fay 1968 [97] Mosq. News
Est. Wada 1965 [98] Quaestiones entomologicae
Est. Lea 1963 [99] J. Insect. Physiol.
Ofuji 1963 [100] B. Res Inst. Endem. Nagasaki Univ.
Christophers 1960 [101] Cambridge University Press
Est. Bar-Zeev 1958 [102] B. Entomol. Res.
Headlee 1940 [103] J. Econ. Entomol.
Headlee 1941 [104] J. Econ. Entomol.

Check marks indicate studies that have reported at least one value of the environmental conditions listed including temperature, diet (mg/larva/day), density (larvae/mL), or photoperiod. Gradient columns indicate whether the study considered three or more levels of the environmental condition. Latitude of origin was either reported (check mark) or estimated (Est.) based on the city of origin of the mosquito strain. Studies that considered transgenic strains are indicated in bold. Development rate estimates for transgenic strains were not included in the meta-analysis. A full bibliography is available in Additional file 1: Table S2.

Couret and Benedict

Couret and Benedict BMC Ecology 2014 14:3   doi:10.1186/1472-6785-14-3

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