Figure 1.

Adult sex ratio and fat-tailed dispersal kernels. (a) The female fertilisation probability as a function of adult sex ratio (ASR = M/(M + F)). The different lines represent different sensitivities of fertilisation probability to changes in the ASR (after Rankin and Kokko 2007). (b) Actual probability of an individual moving a certain number of cells (dispersal distance) across a population matrix, according to two fat-tailed dispersal kernels (equation 3). ‘Large’ dispersal has parameters AL = 1 and ZL = 1 (black line) and ‘Small’ dispersal has parameters AS = 1 and ZS = 2 (grey line), where L = Large, and S = Small.

Boyle et al. BMC Ecology 2014 14:19   doi:10.1186/1472-6785-14-19
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