Figure 4.

Comparisons between detection rate, capture probability and survival in the wild. Relationship between rate of detection by humans of images of three pygmy grasshopper colour morphs (striped, black and grey) presented against samples of visual backgrounds on a computer screen and rate of capture (a) and rate of survival (b) of free-ranging female (open symbols) and male (black symbols) live grasshoppers in the wild. Estimates of capture and total survival rate in the wild were computed from mark-recapture data. Total survival rate was computed as the product of survival probabilities for 5 separate time periods for each morph and sex. For details see Forsman and Appelqvist [29]. Figure shows mean ± s.e.

Karpestam et al. BMC Ecology 2013 13:17   doi:10.1186/1472-6785-13-17
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