Figure 3.

Louse transfers are not limited to neighbouring lemurs. 3a. Louse transfers among all individual lemurs (3a) and excluding the four furthest ranging lemurs (3b) show that lemur-lemur distances measured using mode distance (distance between the most frequent capture locations) and centroid distances (weighted centroid of all the capture locations of each lemur) show non-significant differences between those lemurs that participated and those lemurs that did not participate in louse transfers. Note that centroid distances of lemurs excluding four furthest ranging individuals suggest that louse transfers are more frequent between neighbours (3b). Boxes enclose 50% of observations; the median is indicated with a horizontal bar, and whiskers denote range.

Zohdy et al. BMC Ecology 2012 12:4   doi:10.1186/1472-6785-12-4
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