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diagnostic plots. Diagnostic plots used for model evaluation. Generally, panels 1 and 3 show residuals versus fitted values, panels 2 QQ-plots for normality, and panels 4 show standardised residuals vs. leverage and Cook statistics. (A) and (B) show diagnostic plots for the regression of observed functional diversity (FD) and species richness (SR) for the simple linear model (panels A1-4) and the quadratic model (panels B1-4). There were weak patterns in panels A1 and A2 which are reduced in panels B1 and B2. (C) and (D) show diagnostic plots for the regression of predicted FD of random communities and SR for the simple linear model (panels C1-4) and the quadratic model (panels D1-4). Note the very strong patterns in all C panels. Also in the quadratic model (D panels), strong patterns remain: D2 still shows non-normality in the residuals. Whereas D1 and D3 seem to show homogeneity in the data, they still show a violation of independence and D4 identifies highly influential points. We therefore desisted from applying a linear model on these data. (G) shows the residual plot to evaluate the non-linear regression of FD and SR. There is no obvious violation of homogeneity or independence.

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Strauß et al. BMC Ecology 2010 10:12   doi:10.1186/1472-6785-10-12