Figure 4.

Role of calmodulin signaling in apoptosis induction. (A) Inhibition of caspase-cleavage activity by W7 (10 μM), the calcineurin inhibitor FK506 (10 μM), STO-609 (25 μM), KN-93 (10 μM) or DAPK siRNA. The efficiency of siRNA transfection on down-regulation was verified by western blotting. Inhibition of generation of CK18-Asp396 was calculated as in Fig. 3A; (B) Inhibition of caspase-cleavage activity by CaMKII siRNA. Cells were transfected with siRNA to CaMKII and exposed to the compounds indicated. CK18-Asp396 levels were determined by the M30-Apoptosense® ELISA assay. Filled bars; control siRNA; open bars: CaMKII siRNA; (C) CaMKII enzymatic activity at 18 hours after treatment with selected compounds.

Olofsson et al. BMC Chemical Biology 2008 8:2   doi:10.1186/1472-6769-8-2
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