Figure 3.

Involvement of mitochondrial calcium uptake, calpain and calmodulin for apoptosis induction. (A) Inhibition of generation of the caspase-cleaved CK18-Asp396 fragment by ruthenium red (5 μM), calpeptin (10 μM) or W7 (10 μM). HCT116 cells were individually treated with the 40 bioprobes in the presence inhibitors and CK18-Asp396 levels were determined by the M30-Apoptosense® ELISA assay. Shown are median levels of inhibition for all 40 agents; (B) Induction of calpain activity of agents that showed calpeptin-sensitive apoptosis. Enzyme activity was measured after 18 hours using apoptosis-inducing drug concentrations.

Olofsson et al. BMC Chemical Biology 2008 8:2   doi:10.1186/1472-6769-8-2
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