Figure 3.

Western blotting analysis of deleted mutants grown at two different temperatures. (A) Single amino acid deletions comprised in the region 129–142 of sgGFP and the double mutant sgGFP-ΔI129/ΔD130 grown at 37°C. (B) Some sgGFP mutants grown at 30°C. S and P represent the soluble and insoluble fraction of the cells, respectively. Fractions S and P were run on different gels. Lane 1: sgGFP wt, lane 2: sgGFP-ΔI129, lane 3: sgGFP-ΔD130, lane 4: sgGFP-ΔF131, lane 5: sgGFP-ΔK132, lane 6: sgGFP-ΔE133, lane 7: sgGFP-ΔD134, lane 8: sgGFP-ΔG135, lane 9: sgGFP-ΔN136, lane 10: sgGFP-ΔI137, lane 11: sgGFP-ΔL138, lane 12: sgGFP-ΔG139, lane 13: sgGFP-ΔH140, lane 14: sgGFP-ΔK141, lane 15: sgGFP-ΔL142 and lane 16: sgGFP-ΔI129/ΔD130.

Flores-Ramírez et al. BMC Chemical Biology 2007 7:1   doi:10.1186/1472-6769-7-1
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