Figure 6.

SH3-HART substitution sensitizes mHck-TA to Nef-induced activation. The relative kinase activities of mHck-TA and mHck-TA-HART were determined in the absence or presence Nef at each of the molar ratios shown. Experiments were performed with recombinant Nef-SF2 (A) or Nef-Consensus (B) using the Z'-Lyte kinase assay as described under Materials and Methods. All assays were performed in quadruplicate, and the data are normalized to the signal observed with a stoichiometrically phosphorylated control peptide. Results are shown as mean percent of maximum ± S.D. Both experiments were repeated twice and produced comparable results in each case.

Pene-Dumitrescu et al. BMC Chemical Biology 2012 12:1   doi:10.1186/1472-6769-12-1
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