Figure 7.

LRE analysis of eleven cDNA targets amplified with five reaction formulations. Summaries for LRE analysis of a total of 134 amplification profiles (each profile an average of four replicate amplification reactions) generated from eleven cDNA targets quantified using five reaction formulations (see Figure 2 and additional file 3 for additional details). (A) Average linear regression correlation coefficients (r2). (B) Average Emax. (C) Average ΔE. Note that ΔE is dependent on the optics of the assay and are thus not directly comparable across different formulations and gain settings. (D) Average F0 derived from the average of F0 values encompassed by the LRE window (see Figure 4 for details). QT: QuantiTect, DyNa: DyNAmo; FV: FullVelocity, SG: SYBR Green I, SD: standard deviation, n: the number of runs, na: not applicable (only one run conducted), nd: not determined.

Rutledge and Stewart BMC Biotechnology 2008 8:47   doi:10.1186/1472-6750-8-47
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