Figure 8.

Replication of recombinant viruses in Vero and human tumor cells. (a) The virus burst on Vero cells. 1.8 × 105 cells were infected with the indicated recombinant viruses (2 independent isolates each) at an MOI of 3 and viruses harvested 31 hours pi and titered. The virus yield was divided by the number of infected cells. Error bars show standard deviation (N = 3). (b) Time course of virus replication on Vero cells, from a similar experiment as in a, except virus was harvested at the indicated times post-infection. (c) Replication assay of bM24-CMV, bM24-null and hrR3 viruses on different tumor cell lines. Cells were infected with 104 pfu of the indicated viruses (MOI~0.01) and virus harvested 72 hours pi. Fold amplification of virus (Virus yield/input virus) is shown, with 1 being the amount of input virus. bM24-CMV grew in all tumor cell lines in varying degree, whereas bM24-null grew only on ICP4-complementing E5 cells. hrR3 grew to a similar degree in all three tumor cell lines.

Kuroda et al. BMC Biotechnology 2006 6:40   doi:10.1186/1472-6750-6-40
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