Figure 2.

Schematic diagram of the chloroplast genome transformed with the bar or LTB gene and PCR analysis of wild-type and chloroplast transformants. (A) Map of the chloroplast targeting region in transplastomic plants. Arrows indicate the direction of transcription. Primer 1F is located in the native chloroplast DNA; 1R, aadA; 2F, aadA; 2R, trnA. (B) The PCR products of transplastomic plants. Lane 1, wild-type plant with primers Bar-F/Bar-R; lane 2, primers Bar-F/Bar-R produce a 550-bp fragment; lanes 3 and 6, primers 1-F/1-R produce a 1700-bp fragment; lane 4, primers 2-F/2-R produce a 2200-bp fragment containing the bar gene; lane 5, primers LTB-F/LTB-R produce a 380-bp fragment; lane 7, primers 2-F/2-R produce a 1900-bp fragment containing the LTB gene. 1 kb, DNA molecular weight ladder.

Kang and Yang BMC Biotechnology 2004 4:20   doi:10.1186/1472-6750-4-20
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