Figure 3.

8F1 immunoblot analyses with purified proteins and antigen absorption test. A. Coomassie staining of purified ERCC1 and PCYT1A proteins. 1ug of affinity purified recombinant ERCC1 and PCYT1A proteins were fractionated on the SDS-PAGE gel and then commassie-stained. B. Immunoblot analysis with 8F1 anti-ERCC1 mAb.0.5ug of purified ERCC1 (Lane 2) and PCYT1A (Lane 4) were loaded on an SDS-PAGE gel and then immunobloted with 8F1 antibody. Empty vector transfected HEK293T cell lysates (Lanes 1 and 3) were used as a negative control. C. Antigen absorption test. Overexpression lysates for PCYT1A (Lane1), ERCC1 (Lane 3), and empty vector transfected control (Lanes 2 and 4) were fractionated on SDS-PAGE, and then immunoblotted with 8F1 (upper panel) or 8F1 pre-depleted with purified PCYT1A protein (lower panels).

Ma et al. BMC Biotechnology 2012 12:88   doi:10.1186/1472-6750-12-88
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