Figure 2.

Sequences of the antisense molecules and their targets. The mRNA targets are shown in the 5’-3’ orientation, capital letters indicate the coding region. The AUG start codon is marked by red overlay. A morpholino oligo is indicated by MO (Six3-MO). All other sequences represent PNAs, pePNA-C2 components are shown in black, pePNA-C3 components in red and aegPNAs components are marked by gray overlay. Underlined bases (black) represent mismatches. All PNA and morpholino oligos are shown in the 3’-5’ (NH2-H for PNAs) orientation. L means trimethyl-lysine and LLLL a combination of 4 such residues. SuRho indicates sulforhodamine B.

Dorn et al. BMC Biotechnology 2012 12:50   doi:10.1186/1472-6750-12-50
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