Figure 1.

Comparison of direct immunofluorescence in cryosections of matched skin biopsies transported in liquid nitrogen, Michel's fixative or saline. Note the substantially reduced background fluorescence in saline-transported biopsies. Pemphigus foliaceus showing characteristic IgG fluorescence at the epidermal intercellular space. Additional granular IgG staining at the basement membrane zone (arrow) stands out most clearly in saline transported biopsy. (obj. ×20) Mucous membrane pemphigoid with skin involvement showing weak linear IgG fluorescence at the basement membrane zone that is only visible in the saline transported biopsy (arrow). (obj. ×20) Lupus erythematosus showing granular IgG fluorescence at the dermo-epidermal junction. Additional IgG staining of subepidermal vessel walls is best visible in the saline-transported biopsy. (obj. ×20) Vasculitis showing fine-granular IgA fluorescence in subepidermal capillary walls (arrows) which is most distinct in the saline-transported biopsy. (obj. ×40)

Vodegel et al. BMC Dermatology 2004 4:10   doi:10.1186/1471-5945-4-10
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