Figure 4.

Efficient and persistent transgene expression after lentiviral transduction of xenografted human skin. Normal human skin grafts were xenografted onto the back of four SCID mice and three mice were injected a single intradermal dose of firefly luciferase-encoding lentiviral vectors (three mice to the right in each picture). (a) Representative images of the four mice showing high bioluminescence at day 3, 15, 37, and 98 from the xenografted human skin transduced with luciferase-encoding lentiviral vectors. (b) Bioluminescence from the xenografted human skin on the three mice injected with luciferase-encoding lentiviral vectors was measured at various time points after transduction. Data are depicted as mean ± SEM.

Bak et al. BMC Dermatology 2011 11:5   doi:10.1186/1471-5945-11-5
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