Figure 5.

Expression of PENK and STC1 in prostate cancer. NP and CP are matched non-cancer and cancer specimens processed into cDNA. CP1 is a Gleason 4+5 (G9) tumor, CP2 a Gleason 3+3 (G6) tumor, and CP3 a Gleason 3+4 (G7) tumor. Bone and liver metastasis were obtained from end-stage diseases. PC3 and C4-2 are prostate cancer cell lines. PENK is detectable in all NP samples, it is lowered in G6, and barely detectable or absent in G7 and G9; as well as the metastases and cancer cell lines. PENK is found in placenta but not kidney. No significant differential expression was found for STC1 in these same samples, though the bone metastasis had lower expression than the liver metastasis, and lower expression in CP2 compared to NP2. STC1 is known to be expressed in the kidney. cDNA quantity of each sample used was monitored by B2M and ╬▒SMA (not shown).

Goo et al. BMC Urology 2005 5:17   doi:10.1186/1471-2490-5-17
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