Figure 3.

Photograph of bladder biopsy (HP-4450/98): A 45-year old male with paraplegia was on penile sheath drainage. He had to bang his stomach to empty the bladder. He had recurrent urinary infections. A staghorn calculus was detected in left kidney during annual review. Cystoscopy revealed mucky, purulent, urine in the bladder. Histology of bladder biopsy revealed moderate to marked chronic inflammation with a minor acute inflammatory component also. The chronic inflammation was predominantly follicular in nature with large lymphoid aggregates including germinal centres, thus giving a diagnosis of follicular cystitis. There was marked cystitis glandularis and focal microcalcification.

Vaidyanathan et al. BMC Urology 2002 2:5   doi:10.1186/1471-2490-2-5
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