Figure 4.

Timeline, pressure changes and instantaneous frequency plot of an isolated guinea pig bladder pre-exposed to indomethacin before stimulation with arecaidine. A. an outline of the experiment. After the first 1 μM arecaidine simulation (enlarged in panel B as 1), the organ bath is washed to remove the arecaidine. After 15 minutes, 10 μM indomethacin is added followed by a second stimulation of arecaidine (enlarged in panel B as 2). After a wash step, a third arecaidine stimulation is performed (enlarged in panel B as 3). B. Parts of panel A in an expanded scale. C. Instantaneous frequency plot comparing the three conditions described in panel A.

Rahnama’i et al. BMC Urology 2013 13:8   doi:10.1186/1471-2490-13-8
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