Table 2

Safety program
Awareness To create awareness about safety, a symposium about safety was organized. Topics were: the system approach to human error safety problems in the OR and incident reporting
Error reporting A local committee of the department’s anaesthesiology and surgery was set.
Introduction of an electronic incident reporting management system accessible to all staff and easy to use.
Providing feedback to demonstrate that reporting leads to changes.
Errors were discussed in the team meetings.
Every month a newsletter was distributed with information on reported errors.
and measures taken promoting report of near misses and errors.
Material Resources Inventory of all equipment and supplies of anaesthesia and surgery.
Standardization of equipment and supplies in anaesthesia and surgery for all equipment development of manuals with a uniform design.
Training Training of all OR staff in the use of equipment.
Staffing Resources Increasing participation in decision making.
Introduction of frequently held staff meeting, at least once a month.
Increasing job autonomy shifting for a specific task responsibility and control from supervisor to staff.
Responsibility for safety in the working environment.
Intervision for registered nurses.
Personal coaches assigned to trainees.
Social activities to promote team building.
More trainees were trained.

van Beuzekom et al.

van Beuzekom et al. BMC Surgery 2012 12:10   doi:10.1186/1471-2482-12-10

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