Table 3

Thematic conceptual framework of life impacts following ankle fractures, including categories represented within each theme
Physical Psychological Daily living Social Occupational or Domestic Financial Aesthetic Medication Taking
Physical impacts experienced Psychological impacts experienced Impacts on daily living activities Social impacts experienced Impacts on occupational or domestic tasks Financial impacts experienced Aesthetic impacts experienced Experiences associated with medications
1. Pain, ache, soreness or discomfort 1. Feelings of anxiety 1. Reduced participation in preferred recreation or leisure activities 1. Negative impact on relationship with spouse or significant other 1. Difficulty participating in usual work activity 1. Reduced income 1. Changed physical appearance due to weight gain. 1. Medication usage (including associated side effects)
2. Swelling 2. Feelings of depression 2. Reduced participation in health and fitness activities 2. Increased dependence on others in household 2. Difficulty completing household tasks 2. Use of savings 2. Now wear non-preferred footwear
3. Decreased strength 3. Feelings of frustration 3. Difficulty participating in personal care activities (including showering and dressing) 3. Negative impact on personal relationships with family or friends. 3. Reduced discretionary spending
4. Decreased range of movement/stiffness 4. Feelings of tiredness or fatigue 4. Difficulty sleeping 4. Increased cost of living (including healthcare costs)
5. Altered sensation
6. Difficulty walking (including flat surfaces, slopes and steps)

McPhail et al.

McPhail et al. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2012 13:224   doi:10.1186/1471-2474-13-224

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